At payment by PayPal, be sure to confirm your payment.

If you doing payment successfully, but your order is in pending status,
All you have to do is, go to the transaction page from your PayPal account and select :

Confirm Shipment received.


Note: Payment in the PayPal gateway will calculate with 20% extra cost.



How to take orders?

  • How and where I can download my order?


To download your order first you must change the language to English and then try to download.


To extract RAR file using winrar last version:



also with download mirroring, you will be get file with ZIP format.



Why the price of a similar product is different.

For example, the price of a Canada passport is $ 31 and a Russian passport is $ 9 .

Did you raise the Canada passport price because this product have more customer?


really there are different?


Let me tell you for the price difference.
Please take a look at the two images below.
Number of files and file size









The number of downloadable template files is the reason for different prices.
For example, a Russian passport with one template and a download file.
Canada Passport in 4 different templates and 4 files to download.

On most websites and sellers if they have two versions of the same product, they sell separately, naming the old version and the new version, or versions 1, 2, 3, and 4.
However, if we have multiple models of the same product, we will sell at one product.
Whereas we would have made more money if we had separated the four Canadian molds and sold them at $ 9 each.

All our prices are real and based on the calculation and value of the product being offered.
Our discounts and prices are not comparable to others and this proves this.